Phillex™ – new generation of intradermal fillers based on stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

Phillex™ – due to innovative method of production it was possible to obtain spherical molecules of hyaluronic acid with higher-order and dense grid (see fig.3).

Phillex™ – first medical product with spatial ordering of molecules of hyaluronic acid (4D-matrix technology). Due to production technology of spherical molecules, PHILLEX not just removes skin defects (3D-matrix mechanism) but also allows to resist compression load (effect of “spring”, 4D-matrix), which, in turn, results in greater facial tissues lifting.

Phillex™ – showed its effectiveness and safety, proved by a series of comparative clinical studies conducted with Restylane (Qmed, Sweden) (see fig.1,2).

Specific features: 3. Comparative diagram of pain during injection

Phillex™ –contains 0.3% of lidocaine, which relieves pain suffered by the patients during or after injection; laser needle sharpening allows to minimize pain during initial injection.

Safety and Efficiency

Clinical studies results, which have proven their safety and effectiveness

Clinical studies of the medical product Phillex ™ have proven their effectiveness and safety for nasolabial folds correction.
Phillex ™ does not come short to the reference medical product Restylane® (Qmed, Sweden).

Participants of the study
66 participants scored 3 or 4 points by GAIS Scale . Target: eliminate nasolabial folds.

Arbitrary sampling; diversified blind study. Control of efficiency and safety of comparing with Restylane® (Q Med, Sweden).

Clinical studies have confirmed that (Deep) is safe and efficient medical product for nasolabial folds correction and does not come short to the reference medical product Restylane®.
1 Results of clinical studies made by Pronexx Co.,Ltd.
* FAS* = a set of data for a full analysis; ** GAIS ** Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale

Specific features: 1. Monophasic spherical structure

Phillex™ has a regular, spherical and dense grid comparing with other fillers, ensures continuous and easy injection throughout the entire process of volumization and helps to ensure natural and harmonized appearance.

Specific features: 2. Comparative characteristics of efforts in medical products extrusion for contour correction


Phillex™ – extrusion strength of this medical product allows the doctors to easily and safely control injections throughout the entire procedure.

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